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The meeting will be structured in four thematic sessions:
– Biology and Biochemistry;
– Veterinary Sciences and Animal Production;
– Agricultural Sciences and Food Sciences;
– Ecology, Environment and Landscape.

This year we have as novelty the workshop “Comunicar Ciência”, promoted by the Full Professor Maria Fátima Nunes and the Researcher Mariana Soler, both belonging to the University of Évora, Institute of Contemporary History IHC-CEHFCi-UÉvora. The registration in this workshop is optional and free of charge.

Detailed Program (download pdf)

Monday, 11th November 2019

Tuesday, 12th November 2019

Note: The posters will be displayed throughout the Meeting.

Scientific Committee

-Ana Teresa Caldeira, Universidade de Évora – HERCULES
-Elsa Leclerc Duarte, Universidade de Évora – ICAAM
-Luís Leopoldo Silva, Universidade de Évora – ICAAM
-Luiz Gazarini, Universidade de Évora – ICAAM
-Maria João Cabrita, Universidade de Évora – ICAAM
-Teresa Pinto Correia, Universidade de Évora – ICAAM

Workshop “Comunicar Ciência”

Is it possible to talk about science with your grandparents? Or to tell about a PhD project to a child? We live in a society surrounded by products from scientific research and technological solutions. However global warming or the effectiveness of vaccines are questioned. Therefore, it is urgent that we leave our academic circles and talk to others in other contexts. But this requires understanding who is listening and how to raise awareness. In this workshop we will discuss the importance of scientific communication and some simple and possible methods for overcoming the barriers of our labs, research centres, universities and hangout during familiar dinner or a walk in the park.